The Coleman Foundation Announces First Quarter 2019 Cancer Care and Health Rehabilitation Services Grants

In the first quarter of 2019, the Coleman Foundation approved a grant totaling $134,000 to a non-profit organization in the health and rehabilitation program area. This grant advance strategies articulated in the Foundation’s Impact Plan.  Receiving a grant in this program area is:


Northwestern University, IL   

$134,000 – Education in Palliative and End of Life Care (EPEC) Core Program

The EPEC program began with training in primary palliative care in 1997, a time when the field of medicine had generated increased capacity in palliative care and symptom management but was still struggling to develop a balance between curative approaches to treatment and the need to ameliorate suffering in chronic or incurable diseases. Over the years, the core curriculum has been tailored to various medical specialties and patient populations; such as: EPEC-Oncology, EPEC-Emergency Medicine, and EPEC-Pediatrics. EPEC for Veterans was created in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs and consist of over 20 modules and involved 100 authors.

While the EPEC core curriculum has been updated regularly, the last comprehensive content update was in 2011. This award is to support a) an update of core curriculum content; b) creation of short videos that demonstrate clinical scenarios and focus on ethics and decision-making; c) an update the website to better engage and support over 2,500 core Trainers (+500 pediatric Trainers).