The Coleman Foundation Announces First Quarter 2019 Entrepreneurship Grants

The Coleman Foundation Announces First Quarter 2019 Entrepreneurship Education Grants

In the first quarter of 2019, the Coleman Foundation approved a grant of $120,000 to a non-profit organization in support of its Entrepreneurship-In-Neighborhoods program. Entrepreneurship-in-Neighborhoods strategies are:

Strategy 1: Supporting individual non-profit business service organizations (BSOs) that provide training and other supports to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs in local communities

Strategy 2: Develop and enhance networks of business service organizations to scale professional and program development across multiple organizations that share best practices

Strategy 3: Build a neighborhood entrepreneurial pathway ecosystem, facilitating transitions based on functional expertise or economic sector specialization

The grant awarded in this program area advances Strategy 1 and Strategy 3

Chicago Horticultural Society, IL

$120,000 – Windy City Harvest (WCH) Entrepreneurship Pathway Program

The 2-year award is to support an urban agriculture education and jobs-training initiative to help build a local food system, foster healthier communities, and train and support farmers in developing or working in urban agriculture businesses. WCH serves low-income youth, adults, and communities in a continuum of programs focusing on training, job placement, and farm business opportunities. Through training, access to land, mentoring, and an aggregation and distribution facility, WCH helps farmers test and refine growing practices, business models, product development, and entrepreneurial skills.