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Letter of Inquiry

Potential grants always start with a letter of inquiry. Organizations who share the Foundation's goals may submit an initial approach through a concise letter of inquiry (not to exceed two pages). Letters of inquiry can be submitted at any time during the year, and should be addressed to Michael W. Hennessy, President, at The Coleman Foundation, Inc.,
651 West Washington Boulevard, Suite 306, Chicago, IL 60661.

What to include

  • A brief description of the organization
  • A synopsis of the program to be proposed
  • A clear statement of program/grant objectives and how they will be evaluated
  • A statement of how the program advances Foundation strategies.Please review the Cancer Impact Plan, Developmental Disabilities Impact Plan, or the Entrepreneurship Education Impact Plan for reference.

  • An estimate of the size grant to be proposed or range of proposed funding
  • A statement of how the program/project will be sustained following the grant period
  • Contact name and information, including e-mail address of the project manager for further communication

What not to include

Brochures, video tapes, CDs and other attachments should not be sent with the letter of inquiry. Any such attachments will not be considered at this stage of review.