Health and Rehabilitation

The Coleman Foundation believes that all patients should have access to high-quality services, be engaged in their treatment, and feel empowered to make good decisions about their care.


Program Purpose: To support patient-centered cancer care and health rehabilitation services

Our work in this area enables patients to achieve better outcomes through

  • Comprehensive, patient-centered care
  • Collaborations that integrate clinical care with community resources and service providers
  • Patient education and healthcare professional training
  • Clear communication of treatment options and care plans


Improving Quality of Life for Patients with Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. Since 1971, the number of cancer survivors in the US has increased from 3 to more than 15 million. This rapid and dramatic increase compels healthcare workers, patients and caregivers to quickly learn to understand and address…

Our Legacy of Impact

1982 -1985
Fund endowments for cancer chairs, fellowships, professorships, and research in both teaching and safety net hospitals, and a chair in rehabilitation medicine
1997 -2006
Support development and research of innovative cancer service delivery models
Establish a group motor training initiative for children with physical disabilities, the Conductive Education Program, which has expanded to three sites in the Chicagoland area
Launch and develop the Coleman Primary Palliative Medicine Training Program for interdisciplinary teams to improve practice patterns. Over 200 clinicians have been trained and mentored from more than 35 Chicagoland institutions
Create the Coleman Supportive Oncology Collaborative to improve cancer care delivery, which consists of more than 100 clinicians from over 30 institutions and has screened over 20,000 patients for supportive care needs
Expand the 4R Patient Care Sequences for Supportive Care, a unique model customizing care for the patient, caregiver and oncology team at eight cancer sites in the Chicagoland area