Developmental Disability Service Organizations

The Coleman Foundation works to improve self-sufficiency and quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We believe that in order to be effective, organizations serving people with developmental disabilities should be responsive and collaborative with them.


Program Purpose: To support the efforts of IDD service organizations to use best practices.

We support
people with
disabilities by

  • Funding collaborations that engage multiple disability providers to advance delivery of services
  • Helping organizations adapt to emerging client needs and future payment models
  • Supporting grantee organization’s efforts to raise dollars from individual donors
  • Funding efforts to share best practices and improve service delivery


Building a Supportive Workplace Culture improves life for people with disabilities

Many people with developmental disabilities depend on Direct Service Personnel (DSPs) to assist them with everything from helping with daily activities, acting as their advocates, and enabling them to gain and keep meaningful employment.

Our Legacy of Impact

1981 -1991
Initiate significant long term programmatic and capital support to a broad array of Developmental Disability Service providers in the Chicago metro area. Examples include the launch of Misericordia’s Candy Days, expansion of Park Lawn’s vocational programs, St. Coletta’ work training programs, Blue Cap, Esperanza, and numerous others.  
Create Intersect for Ability, a collaborative network of agencies in the Chicago area serving people with developmental disabilities
Fund $4 million in collaborative projects that bring Intersect for Ability network members together to improve services and outcomes
Launch Teaching Together Chicago, a collaborative effort between social service agencies and private schools to train adults with developmental disabilities for employment as teacher’s aides or other positions within the school