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Cancer Care

The Foundation has been an advocate for raising the standards of cancer care in the Midwest and helping to assure services are available to cancer patients in the Chicago Metro area. It has funded capital buildouts, diagnostic equipment and technician training, the development of new treatments, cancer care programs, community-based psychosocial support services, continued medical education for physicians and nurses, and patient education.

An area of interest to the Foundation is funding supportive oncology services for individuals, their families and caregivers. Supportive Oncology has evolved to includes an array of services from the time of diagnosis through survivorship through end of life including distress screening, follow up care, psycho-oncology support, patient education, and primary palliative medicine.

Recently, the Foundation has developed an impact framework which provides a basic outline of the grantmaking goals for cancer. For the cancer program area, the Foundation has identified strategies that can enable health care providers and community service organizations to gain effective tools and resources to deliver supportive oncology care. The Foundation’s vision is that optimally patients have access to services, will be engaged in their treatment and are empowered to make decisions throughout their cancer care trajectory.

The Cancer Impact Plan is intended to inform potential grantees as to the particular strategies the Foundation seeks to fund. The Foundation welcomes potential grantees to review the Cancer Impact Plan to assess and determine the best possible strategy to meet the Foundation's intended impact. Potential grantees should also review the grantmaking process which is available on this website to assess the appropriate fit for submitting a letter of inquiry, as the first approach to the Foundation.