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Archived Grant Awards - 2008


  • Bunker Hill Community College, MA

    $5,000 to support the Community Center for Entrepreneurship designed to promote understanding and growth of entrepreneurship opportunities across disciplines and includes students, faculty, workforce development and administration.

  • California State University, Fresno, CA

    $192,000 over three years to support the Coleman Chair in Entrepreneurship in Entrepreneurial Studies and related program activities. The vision is to create an 'entrepreneurial ecosystem' in the Central Valley that will be sustainable, long-lasting and make entrepreneurship a career path throughout the region.

  • California State University, Fresno, CA

    $92,000 to support programs that build and expand the entrepreneurship work of the Coleman Chair and programs of the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • City Colleges of Chicago Foundation, IL

    $487,000 to support establishment of a district-wide entrepreneurship program across City Colleges of Chicago, offering credit as well as non-credit/continuing education courses, programs, and services. The grant will support an Executive Director of Entrepreneurship to provide leadership and coordination of the program across seven colleges.

  • Chemeketa Community College, OR

    $7,500 to support Business Success Teams, a peer advising group that assists small business owners through the Microenterprises Resources Initiatives and Training program.

  • Colorado Mountain College, CO

    $5,000 to initiate, develop and host a conference on best practices for teaching entrepreneurship for educators from secondary and post-secondary schools as well as practicing entrepreneurs.

  • Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, OH

    $72,000 to support the Entrepreneurship Education Forum, November 7-11, 2008 by providing scholarships for educators and a grant award program in which educators compete in an elevator grant session for funding to support entrepreneurship activities at their schools.

  • Edmonds Community College, WA

    $5,000 to assist with curriculum development and marketing for a program to develop workshops for business owners which combines technology awareness in business planning in conjunction with the Small Business Development Center.

  • Generation E Institute (GENEI), MI

    $197, 000 to support Creating the Next Generation of Young Entrepreneurs program designed to help young students learn and practice entrepreneurial skills through hands-on, participatory activities evidenced by starting and operating a micro-business. Curricula is customized to fit with requirements of in-school, after-school, and community-based programs to incorporate an entrepreneurship educational approach.

  • Harrisburg Area Community College, PA

    $7,500 to expand Women's Talkabouts, networking sessions for women entrepreneurs, to new geographies, and to establish the First Friday weekly walk-in support program.

  • Indian River Community College (IRCC), FL

    $7,500 to expand the Lunch & Learn Series, a partnership with the IRCC Incubator, Martin and Indian River County Economic Council to assist entrepreneurs and local business owners to grasp the realities and overcome challenges of business ownership.

  • Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship Education, IL

    $5,000 to support scholarships for 2008 Youth Entrepreneurship Conference which provides an opportunity for high school students to present and compete in business plan competitions and gain industry specific knowledge for new business creation.

  • Illinois Institute of Technology, IL

    $76,000 to support the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative for educational programs and initiatives, community outreach and business development including executive educational conferences and workshops on entrepreneurship topics.

  • Lehigh Carbon Community College, OH

    $5,000 to expand the Self-Employment Assistance Program model for noncredit entrepreneurship education programming and infuse it throughout the credit curricula.

  • Kingsborough Community College, NY

    $15,000 to support development of an entrepreneurship course for seniors, a pilot project combining community college students and seniors citizens towards a certificate in entrepreneurship program.

  • Miami Dade College, FL

    $7,500 to support training of six faculty members at the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship University to enable delivery of a new certificate program at the college.

  • North Central College, IL

    $85,000 to support Self-Employment in the Arts program which focuses on entrepreneurship education for business aspects of art by providing core program activities including a national conference, regional conferences, and comprehensive website with resources for artists.

  • Northland Pioneer College, AZ

    $5,000 to develop a series of workshops to attract Native American students to enroll in the Certificate or Associate Degree in Small Business Program.

  • Pulaski Technical College, AK

    $5,000 to develop and implement two Small Business Summits, including workshops on self-employment topics; facilitate student exposure to entrepreneurs; and community outreach to emerging and current business owners.

  • St. Louis University, MO

    $48,000 to support the 2008-2009 Entrepreneurship Program for new and continuing initiatives to expand entrepreneurship education and work of the Coleman Chair, and the Center for Entrepreneurship. Funding will support programs that advance awareness and action for over two dozen programs promoting cross-campus entrepreneurship.

  • Technical College of the Lowcountry, SC

    $5,500 to continue and expand the Entrepreneurship in the Local Community initiative to provide focused entrepreneurship training and conduct a feasibility study for student business incubator.

  • University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

    $150,000 to support the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO), specifically the National CEO Conference scheduled to occur at McCormick Place in Chicago on November 6-8, 2008. CEO is a national organization with students and chapters at 149 universities, motivating and helping to prepare students to become entrepreneur.

  • West Kentucky Community and Technical College, KY

    $5,000 to provide advertising, marketing and scholarship support for entrepreneurship instructional programs.

  • West Shore Community College, MI

    $5,000 to support a pilot program to provide a basic entrepreneurship course for high school juniors and seniors at Pentwater High School in Michigan. The class will be a three credit course with dual enrollment at the college.

  • Williston State College, ND

    $5,000 to support an educational needs assessment for local entrepreneurs, development and delivery or related workshops and courses, design of an internship program, and outreach efforts to local high schools.

Disability Services

  • Association for Individual Development, IL

    $17,000 to support the autism training program for staff and purchase equipment to initiate the TEACCH model and the use of picture schedules, communication boards and various assistive devices.

  • Barbara Olson Center of Hope, IL

    $75,000 to support sensory program expansion and regional resource room to include teens and adults who are diagnosed with autistic characteristics or sensory issues. Funding will provide staff, training, program supplies and equipment. Additionally, the agency will conduct a small research project with Dr. Stephen Porges, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Brain-Body Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • Hope Institute for Children and Families, IL

    $258,000 to support system development of common outcomes for multiple developmental disabilities organizations by formalizing collaborative partnerships through evaluation, program development and sharing of lessons learned. The program will apply The Autism Program (TAP) model employed with 27 agencies and three universities across the state of Illinois which provides program evaluation, resource sharing, technical assistance, program replication and network cohesion.

Health & Rehabilitation

  • Center for Independence through Conductive Education, IL

    $40,000 to support expansion of Summer Conductive Education Programming at two El Valor facilities in Chicago. Conductive Education is an intensive group motor training program for children with physical disabilities. The Center's goal is to increase access of conductive education services to underprivileged areas by collaborating with local non-profits organizations.

  • LaRabida Children's Hospital, IL

    $110,000 for capital support for medical equipment that will provide ventilators and oxygen monitors for children with respiratory issues, and items to test and improve motor skills for rehabilitation purposes. Funding to be used to upgrade equipment to provide specialty health care for patients with chronic illness, disabilities and injuries resulting from abuse.

Cancer Care

  • American Cancer Society, Illinois Division, IL

    $200,000 challenge grant intented to identify local supporters for the Patient Navigator Services (PNS) program across rural Illinois. A Patient Navigator provides support to cancer patients, their families and caregivers, and maintains a Community Resources Database which allows the coordinator to inform patients about local services, treatment options, side effects, available financial assistance, support groups, clinical trials and survivorship.

  • Giant Steps , IL

    $10,000 to provide workships to train individuals to recognize behavioral symptoms and characteristics of a child or adult with autism and help them learn basic response techniques.

  • Hospice of Northeastern Illinois, IL

    $50,000 for capital support for construction of new Hospice Home and Center of Care, a 16-bed inpatient hospice to be located in Barrington, Illinois which will provide end-of-life care for patients with a terminal illness, and serve as an education and outreach center to communicate end of life issues to medical professionals and the community.

  • Leukemia Research Foundation , IL

    $20,000 to support the Treatment Options for Blood Cancer Patients Conference.

  • Sinai Health System, IL

    $328,000 towards capital support for Oncology Infusion Center and OB Triage & Ante partum Testing, to improve oncologic and obstetric facilities, enhance direct patient service areas, and streamline delivery of health care.

Community Grants

  • Carl Sandburg Elementary School, IL

    $11,400 to support the Interactive Technology Project by equipping classrooms and Library Learning space with technology to increase student engagement and enrich quality of student learning experiences.

  • Holy Cross Hospital, NM

    $10,000 to support the Collaborative Action for Taos County Health (CATCH) program, a Single Point Referral System intended to improve technological advancements, provide recognition and investment in medical professionals who provide outstanding service, and encourage community partnerships.

  • Holy Cross Hospital, NM

    $70,000 to support Radiology Digital Equipment Upgrade directed at upgrading communication equipment, physical space as part of the Patient Archival Communication System (PACS) and assist in second phase upgrading of the radiology department, including x-ray room and fluoroscopic equipment.

  • Maryland Institute of Art (MICA), MA

    $2,400 to provide scholarships for Youth Summer Art Camp to disadvantaged Baltimore City elementary and middle school students (grades 1-8) for inclusion in MICA's week long Summer Art Camp.

  • Parks & People Foundation for Baltimore Recreation & Parks, MA

    $25,000 to support Community Greening Stewardship Programs by providing training, technical support, tool bank and grants for underserved communities greening projects.

  • St. Baldrick's Foundation, CA

    $5,000 to support Children Cancer Research. St. Baldrick's is the largest volunteer-driven fundraising organization for childhood cancer research. Volunteers develop and organize fund raising events, and thousands of individuals shave their heads in solidarity of children with cancer. Funding supports Fellowships, Career Development Awards and Research.

  • YMCA of the Rockies, CO

    $100,000 for capital support for construction of a new Craft & Design Center at the Estes Park Center designed to increase program offerings, increase Artist-in-Residence lecture and workshop programs, and increase classroom, meeting and multi-purpose space for community outreach including after school programs and local arts camp.